Quality guaranteed

Quality is something which is in our genes. We have developed specific working methods to be able to guarantee this. We have been accredited with both ISO9001 and ISO14001 and we inform our customers about any PCN’s. Our logistics methods also go above and beyond the JEDEC standard.

Product change notifications

PCN? What is that and how does it work?

PCN stands for Product Change Notifications, which can be used to consult the latest documentation for virtually any brand. This includes other PCN’s, Life Cycle Information, Data Sheets and possible equivalents. Ultimately suitable for providing our customers with optimal assistance. PCN’s form part of our IHS BOM Manager. Making sure you are always up-to-date.

Please contact Stefan de Gier for more information.

IHS BOM Manager

JEDEC Standard

We have enjoyed successful and intensive working relationships with official suppliers for many years. We work with high-end equipment, allowing us to guarantee the quality of our components. We use advanced sealing devices, with the highest quality moisture-proof seals, which means we can deliver the fully dried components safely and without risk. With the direct result: components at the right MSL level!

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Has your question not yet been answered, or are you interested in finding out more about how we can guarantee the quality of our components? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Dennis Eikmann.

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